Thursday, January 08, 2009

little laundry helper

little laundry helper
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Earth Wind and Fire, via my MP3 player are encouraging me to "sing a song" but I think that if I were to start to sing along with them, with my head phones on, I'd be asked to either stop or leave by my coworkers. I'm pretty sure that I sound a bit (but not much) better than Rosa from WB Superstar but it wouldn't be very good for anyone else, all the same.

Thinking about Rosa reminds me though, that American Idol starts up next week. I love the first few weeks of 'da Idol because of the auditions. There are many folks who should not be trying out, who do, and this pleases me. A few them are cringe-worthy and most of them will make us laugh a little. In deepest, darkest, coldest January, doesn't everyone just need a little giggle?

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