Sunday, August 03, 2008

bella winks

bella winks
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How is your Simcoe Day weekend going folks?

Ours is going very well. Actually, we are now on vacation. I'm off for 2 weeks and Mark is off with me for the first week.

Yesterday, I think due to the strange weather we've been having, Mark had a killer migraine yesterday and I had a headache almost all day. At one point, we had enough pain medication in our systems that we could go out and get some errands done. Fortunately, we didn't have to be out for much longer than an hour or so.

I'm feeling groggy but better today. I don't remember when I slept as much as I did yesterday, it was strange. I was up early yesterday with the dog but then went back to bed until 7:30 or so. By 10 a.m., we were back in bed sleeping again. Got up around 12:30 to do errands and stuff. I had another nap in the late afternoon and still slept like the dead again last night.

Today is much better though. I'm getting stuff together for us to go to a friend's house for the day. It's the home of Bella's parents. They live north of the city on a gorgeous lake in a log cabin home. We're taking Sam so it'll be his first experience of actually going into the lake for a swim (or just to explore the lake shore). I'm sure he'll be a matted, muddy mess by the end of the day but that's okay. We've been looking forward to this for a while.

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