Sunday, August 10, 2008

mid-holiday update

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We've been enjoying our "stay-cation" this week. It's been at times busy, at other times, very very relaxing and the whole thing has been a lot of fun. This is the first time in a very long time that Mark and I have an entire week off together.

At the moment, we're waiting for some company to arrive so I thought I'd take some time to update on what we've been doing.

On Wednesday, we decided to celebrate our anniversary (we met 9 years ago on August 6) with a little road trip day for the three of us. Sam loves to travel with us in the van but we'd never taken him on the highway with us before. The main purpose of the trip was to submit our passport applications to the office in Whitby.

A few weeks ago, a friend of ours was talking about how he needed to get a passport because he's going to Florida on a course in September. Last year sometime, the fuckwits in the US government decided that Canadians needed a passport to fly into the states. Mark offered to go up to the passport office for him (he doesn't have a car). I suggested to Mark that we should get ours too because next year, we'll need one if we want to drive over the border to do grocery shopping.

Fortunately, the whole process for applying is a lot easier now than it was the last time I looked at the forms. Also, the office in Whitby is in a mall and you literally drive up to the front door, walk in and be back in your vehicle within 20 minutes (at least this was my experience). Unfortunately, they wouldn't accept my application on behalf of Andy because he wasn't a family member so now he's having to do it through our MP's office. Mark and I should have ours around August 20. I'm really glad that we've done this but I'm still annoyed that the shrub is making life so difficult for folks who just want to take a 30 minute drive and buy some Gulden's Hot and Zesty Honey Mustard!

On the way up, we stopped at the Quinte West Off Leash Dog Park in Trenton. It's a small but beautiful park. The whole area is properly fenced and double gated. The ground is covered with bark chips so it doesn't get muddy and there is a lot of shade for the hot days. One of the local home improvement places donated benches as well so you take a little break in the shade if you'd like. Sam had a lot of fun there and met a couple of friends. It wasn't super busy which was probably good.

When we got home that night, we decided to go to the Drive-In. We both wanted to see Pineapple Express and thought that a double bill at the Drive-In would be fun (there was no way we'd see Step Brothers otherwise). Unfortunately, while it was breezy and much cooler than in town, it was also very buggy. I can't tell whether the movie wasn't funny (it was cute in parts, really nonsensical in others - ie it had HUGE gaping plot holes) or the bugs were making me itch too much but by the time it was over, I was ready to go home.

On Thursday, we really slept in after being at the drive-in. The morning was spent doing work in the yard and 'round the house. We also got out and did some errands but our plans to spend the afternoon at the municipal pool were thwarted by bad weather. We got home in time for a very quick barbecued lunch but then the showers moved in and we were once again rained out.

Friday morning, we were glued to the tube (and kept indoors by the rain) watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Neither of us are fans of the sports of the Olympics but it was fun to watch the opening and see the Parade of Nations. With the Olympics in China, I have a hard time looking at the performers and the new buildings without imaging what these folks had to endure to create it all. I can't imagine that folks were paid fairly or treated decently through it all but I sure hope that I'm wrong.

Yesterday was my mum's 65th birthday. We met my parents for lunch and "surprised" my mum with a dozen roses. This was the third bunch of roses she received on the day. My dad sent her a gorgeous bouquet of a dozen red roses, my aunt & uncle sent her red roses with white carnations and we gave her a bouquet of peach and orangey coloured roses. Her house must smell really lovely today!!

Today so far has been quiet. We went to the dog park and ran around a bit with Sam. Originally we'd thought about taking a little road trip to Smiths Falls today but the weather in the morning looked dicey so we stayed home. It's turned into a pretty nice day after all so I suppose we could have gone. I'm kind of glad we didn't though, it's been nice to be close to home.

Tomorrow, Mark will head back to work. I'm off this week too and have a few things planned. Primarily, I have a to-do list for things around the house that I'd like to sort out. Mostly organizing, cleaning and chucking out of stuff. I imagine I will have a huge pile for goodwill (or I hope to). I'm looking forward to quietly puttering around the house and hanging out with Sam. It should be very relaxing if I get it right!

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