Monday, October 28, 2002

What a weekend! I was pretty sick all day on Saturday. My cold got the better of me on Friday night and spent the better part of 24 hours in bed or on the couch. I felt a lot better yesterday morning though so we took advantage of the extra hour and took a quick trip up to Ottawa.

The closest IKEA store to us is in Kanata and we wanted to look at stuff for our Kitchen (we need some extra counter space and general storage). Originally, we thought that we'd get some kind of a cart with a butchers block on it but we ended up getting a big cabinet, a wall shelf and a cart (with 4 huge drawers!) for our kitchen. It's nice, bright, white with chrome finish. It matches our light fixtures and washer, dryer and wainscotting.

It looks great but they are kind of big, I'm still adjusting. I'm really looking forward to the extra space and now I'm feeling really motivated to paint the kitchen cabinets (they're brown right now, dark natural wood, we'd like to paint them with an enamel paint, in white).

Anyway, it's one step closer to getting our messy little house organized!!

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