Monday, October 21, 2002

The weekend is but a blur now! I can't believe that Monday is half over already!!

I took Friday afternoon off and spent the time doing errands. It was very nice to be out getting my running around done before the mobs hit the stores. It allowed me to spend some time at home on the weekend, working on some ebay auctions and doing some baking. I like to bake but didn't do any all summer because of the intense heat. We don't have central air conditioning in our house so we keep it cool with two window air conditioners so baking while they're running would just be silly. Anyway, I sorted out our pantry on Friday and found a big jar of apple sauce. I'm not sure why I bought it but I thought that it would be nice to use it up so I went to AllRecipes in search of a apple sauce cake recipe. I haven't been to AllRecipes in a while so I was suprised by the number of pop-up windows and cookie alerts that came up while I searched their site. That annoying stuff aside, I found a great recipe for Apple Sauce Cake. We don't like cloves so I just used cinnamon but it was great anyway (and the house smelled fantastic while it was baking). I usually buy cookies or muffins at the grocery store. I've decided to not do this anymore. Not only is it going to save us a few bucks but the stuff I bake is tastier and generally, healthier than store-bought stuff.

The huge rain storms we had over the weekend kept me out of the garden but they don't look totally sad yet.

We're still waiting on our new tension motor for our bike. Hopefully we'll have it in a day or two.

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