Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 6 - 7 Songs from the 1990's Challenge

Originally posted over on facebook... put on your rubber boots and dance your pants off!!

I'm almost at the end of my challenge!! Today is day 6 of Jane's "7 90's songs in 7 days" challenge already.

As you know, Jane was challenged by a friend to post "7 90's songs in 7 days." Jane decided to share Canadian songs only so her challenge became "7 90's Canadian songs in 7 Days." She's challenged me and my twist on her twist is that I'm sharing tunes by bands who would have crashed at my house while in Kingston for a show.

Another one of my top 5 favourite bands from the 1990's is easily the Smugglers. In my opinion, they were (and maybe still are... they recently played a reunion show in California and are getting ready to another one in May in Vancouver - on my birthday!!!) one of the best live bands Canada ever produced. Grant Lawrence has a book coming out later this year about the Smugglers - Dirty Windshields: the best and the worst of the Smugglers tour diaries. From what I've heard of their tour stories in the past, I'm sure this book will be a hilarious read! I just hope that it doesn't have a scratch'n'sniff card of what their van smelled like!!

Check out "Your Mom's The Devil" by the Smugglers!

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