Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 5 - 7 Songs from the 1990's Challenge

I posted this on Facebook but really need to share it here because ZUMPANO!!

Somehow, already, it's day 5 of Jane's "7 90's songs in 7 days" challenge already.

For those of you who really aren't paying attention, my beautiful friend Jane was challenged by a beautiful friend of hers to post "7 90's songs in 7 days", Jane decided to share Canadian songs only so her challenge became "7 90's Canadian songs in 7 Days." She's challenged me and my twist on her twist is that I'm sharing tunes by bands who would have crashed at my house while in Kingston for a show.

The song I'm sharing today is by one of my favourite bands of the 90's, easily in the top 5 90's bands. Zumpano. How I love Zumpano. To this day I regularly listen to them. They put out two amazing pop albums on SubPop in the mid-90's. They played Kingston once, at the Trasheteria. Through my brother Patrick, I knew Dave Carswell from the Smugglers and he was touring with them so of course, they were all very welcome to stay at my place while they were in town. The show was great although it was very under-attended. At the end of every song, Carl would clap. Later on after the show, I asked him why he did that (because although the audience wasn't huge it was enthusiastic). He told me that if he clapped for each song, at least they could count on someone doing it, in case the audience didn't. Very sweet.

This is "I Dig You" from their first album, "Look what the Rookie did." Enjoy!!

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