Monday, September 11, 2006


so we're both really busy working these days. At the moment, I should probably be at the office instead of at home but sometimes, particularly when your brain turns to oatmeal, you need to go home.

Mark and I both worked a large chunk of Saturday. After work, we did errands, yesterday, we got groceries and did chores. As you can tell, we haven't had a lot of quiet time just recently.

Having said all of that, I popped in to see Joe on Wednesday, a totally flying visit, to collect his laundry and say hello. I apologized for the quick-ness of it and promised that we would make some time on Sunday to see him. So yesterday, in the midst of running around and trying to get stuff done (because this week is quite literally my most insane of the year) we go to visit Joe. We have his clean laundry, we have some cookies for him, we're ready to visit. When we get to his room, he's asleep. This isn't a shock, he's frequently asleep when we go to see him. This time though, we woke up long enough to ask us the following:

1. what time is it?
2. why did you wake me?
3. can't we visit over breakfast?

He then basically told us to get lost, which we then did. Nice huh?

I wish I could say I was heart broken but I couldn't. It was nice to go home and veg out for a little bit. Hopefully he won't be heart broken when we don't get over there again this week to see him.

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