Wednesday, September 27, 2006

storm windows

have you ever heard of anyone in this part of the world putting up storm windows in September?? me neither

yesterday, I get into the office and it's stuffy as hell. I open the window, turn on my little fan and sit at my desk. it's still stuffy as hell. where is the breeze?? I was just outside, I know it's out there, why isn't it inside? then I look closely at the window and realize that the inside window is open but the screen has been replaced with storm windows.


the company that does the windows obviously didn't want to have to be doing this when it was colder than 20 degrees celsius outside.

who the hell thought that was a good idea? I had to turn the air conditioning on. ridiculous. of course, we're supposed to have the mildest winter ever this year, so we better get the storms on because goodness knows, when we have that one really cold day (four months from now) in January, we'll be glad we had them.

the rest of the time, we'll just run the a/c.

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Anonymous said...

i would not be happy