Monday, June 05, 2006

weekend update

gift time
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Or rather, Monday update...about the weekend. I'm confused.

I'm also tired.

It was a good weekend, busy but good.

I feel really happy about finally getting my office sorted out. That's been a long time coming. I still have a few boxes on the floor and in the closet but once I get a new filing cabinet (and a new desk) all of that will be gone and I'll be totally organized. I am still trying to decide on what colour to paint the office. Now that there are pictures up on the walls, it feels less necessary (although it's still very necessary - it's not urgent at all).

On Saturday night, we celebrated mum & dad's 40th Wedding Anniversary. Pat came down for the weekend but Joe wasn't able to join us. As he's now confined to a wheelchair, and he's still pretty weak, it's not the easiest thing to organize and truly, he has no interest in that sort of thing right now.

I'm pretty sure that we really surprised them with our gift. The four of us went together and bought them an digital camera. All through dinner, before we gave it to them, they kept talking about how they were going to look into getting one. We were all inwardly smiling about that.

Pat stayed at our place on Saturday night. We had originally intended to go see a friend play a show but we were all too pooped by the time we got home from the restaurant. We still stayed up kind of late (well, late for us anyway) visiting but it was a lot of fun.

The next couple of weeks are quite busy for me at work. It's odd too because I never imagined that June would be so nuts but it's shaping up that way. Hopefully, before the end of the month, I'll have some time to finish getting organized. As I'm still doing parts of my old job (3 months into my new one), I haven't had a lot of time to sort through things. I have a few boxes of "stuff" that need looking at. I know that I say this all of the time's not that I'm wishing the time away but I am looking forward to the end of the month when I should have a little bit of breathing room.

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