Tuesday, June 27, 2006

cats and dogs

it's been raining off and on all day today. at times, it's been absolutely pouring. the weather has been so unstable that Mark had a migraine last night. he developed another one late this morning. one of the worst things about it is that once the actual headache has passed, there is a groggy feeling that sticks around from all of the drugs you have to take to get rid of the stupid thing. no fun huh?

tomorrow should be interesting. our team at work is getting together with teams from other universities who do the same (or similar) stuff that we do. after work, we're meeting up with the out of towners for a reception and then dinner. thursday, we'll spend together as a group, sharing ideas and what not.

I'm not totally thrilled at the idea of being out of the office for a whole day, given that I was off last week for a day and missed a day and a half the week before. I suppose it'll all be okay in the long run, but I'm still not feeling very organized or "on top of things" in my new job yet.

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