Sunday, June 18, 2006


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we just got home. I was really glad to get home too, our house was lovely, dark and cool, when we walked in the door.

we had a mini-heat wave today. I find that when you all of a sudden have a really hot day, it's tough to adjust. I worked today, at an event out of town. It was a really lovely event and I think that folks enjoyed themselves. I was lucky to be working outside, under a shaded tree, in a breezy area. I still got a little overheated though. As the day wound down, I figured that it must be the sun screen. My skin wasn't breathing so well with all of the spf 30 I'd put on.

We had an early start this morning and the time went very quickly. I drove up with my co-workers and we arrived around 11 a.m. Mark drove up by himself, and picked up Pat & Rebecca in Ottawa. I was really glad that they were able to come to the party even though I didn't really have a chance for a proper visit with them.

After the event finished, we had planned to go out for dinner but we ended up just stopping at a store to load up on cold drinks before hitting the highway. I'm glad it worked out like that because it was a little too warm to eat. Now that we've both cooled off a bit, I think we can have the dinner discussion and figure that out. I'm still a little surprised that the temperature hit 34 today but I guess that's to be expected now that we're so close to it being summer, "officially."

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