Saturday, June 24, 2006

on the hoist

on the hoist
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yesterday was a lot of fun.

one of things we did was get our car checked out. for about a week now, it had been making a strange / alarming grinding noise.

fortunately, it was an easy fix type of thing. some clamp was loose and the lovely chaps at speedy fixed it for free. you have to love free. although, mark mentioned that they should probably do that kind of thing, given how much money we have spent there this year. i suppose he's right but getting a little freebie once in a while is always nice.

today, we're taking the newly tightened car on the road. we're going to take the ferry from wolfe island over to cape vincent and do a little cross border shopping, we'll maybe even have some cross border lunch. it looks like a gorgeous day out there so it should a lovely trip.

have i mentioned how much i love sunny long weekends??

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