Saturday, July 06, 2013

Accidental Gardener

Summer Flowers
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Our flower garden continues to surprise me.

When we first viewed this house, in November, we really didn’t pay any attention at all to the front yard if I’m honest. Our main concern was how to finish off the fencing in the back yard for the dogs.

Moving in January like we did, the first few months we were in the house, the front yard was completely covered in snow. I could tell that flower gardens did exist in the front because there were spindly bits of small bushes poking through the snow but it wasn’t really possible to figure out what was happening.

Earlier in the spring, while Mark and our friend Andy were installing the permanent fence at the top of the yard (we had installed some inexpensive snow fence during a freak mild snap which happened 2 days before we moved in), the front garden started to reveal itself.

Because had such a snowy, cold winter, the tulips and daffs were late in coming. We were pretty impressed when we saw them start to bloom. Neither of us is great at gardening but we enjoy a pretty blossom as much as the next person. As the weeks passed, more things were popping out and I could sort of figure out what some things were. Thankfully, my mum is a wonderful gardener and she’s been able to help me formally identify things.
Fortunately for me, the woman we bought the house from really seemed to know what she was doing in terms of how to plant perennials. I have not planted any annuals and there has been constant colour, in the numerous flower beds on our front yard. From what I can see, we should have things which will continue to bloom well into the autumn. We’re doing our best to keep up with some basic weeding but with everything else we need to do this year, I can honestly say that while we are enjoying the parade of mystery flowers, it’ll be a year or two before I can give it any proper attention.

I will, however, stop and smell the roses, poppies and peonies as they come and have been taking a few photos here and there. This garden is something I would have never done myself but I must admit, even in it’s semi-neglected state, it is pretty.

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