Monday, July 08, 2013


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Much like many folks across the continent are, we’re having a heatwave here. Actually, it’s more like a humidity wave. The air is thick and smelly. The sun is really hot. The combination of the two sends me diving for shade or an air conditioned room. Kind of sad when you think about how much we look forward to the summer.

Not sure what I was thinking but I decided that I’d try to get back into doing some baking. I used to bake all the time (although not that much during the summer) and have missed it a bit. Actually seeing what goes into stuff is a big part of my motivation. I can control the contents and the results are normally much better than store bought. The first thing I did over the weekend was bake bread. Not so much of a kitchen heater because I have a bread machine. I hadn’t use my machine in a while. In the old house, I didn’t have room to keep it out in the kitchen so I didn’t think about it much. The new kitchen has a perfect, visible, spot to store it in. I made some onion bread and it turned out well. It would have been tough to have wrecked it though.

In an attempt to make something “summery” and to try a new recipe, I baked a peach cobbler. Southern Peach Cobbler to be precise. I’m not posting a photo of it because it wasn’t the most photogenic dessert I’d ever made. It tasted okay but I’m not sure I’d make it again. If I decide to try it, I’ll probably put a lot more peaches in it. It wasn’t as peachy as I would have liked. The topping was interesting, like a sweet biscuit. This recipe was most like peaches and dumplings I suppose. I served it with some vanilla frozen yogurt. It was a bit summery but I think I’ll hold off again until the local peaches are around. It wasn’t a complete disaster but I don’t think it was good enough to justify heating up the kitchen on a summer day for.

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