Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We got our first Barkbox in the mail yesterday. Barkbox is this cool, monthly goodie box that I recently subscribed to for Sam & Gracie. I found out about Barkbox via the Dogster newsletter. They had a promotion so I took the discount and signed up for a 6 month subscription, to see how it goes.

I was super impressed by the quality of the treats and toys that were in our box. All of the treats were grain-free and a couple of them were certified organic (which is important to us because our guys are on a grain-free diet). Their box contained a Jolly Pets Monster Ball and an Aussie Naturals Knotty Bear which both dogs tried their darnedest to destroy without any success. I put some dehydrated liver treats into the Monster Ball and Gracie must have spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to get them out (before Sammy got involved). They had a tonne of fun and I admit, particularly with the bear, neither of these are toys I would have picked for them but they really enjoyed them. I avoid buying stuffies for them because they normally get quickly disemboweled but I think that Knotty Bear is going to last a while.

High quality treats and toys aside, the customer service at Barkbox was amazing and I love that a portion of their profits goes to puppy related charities.

This is not a sponsored post but I really really liked it (and Sammy and Gracie did too!) so I wanted to share.

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