Friday, December 29, 2006

sickness sucks

mark waits for soup
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poor mark, he was sick over the entire Christmas Holiday weekend. He even missed two days of work (which he almost never does).

today, he's feeling better after a visit to the doctor and a bowl of noodle soup yesterday. the sickness was making it impossible for him to sleep on top of things so he was pretty exhausted. I made him stay up all day yesterday though. He actually had a decent night's sleep last night, the naps he was catching over the past couple of days got him onto a weird cycle.

we stayed home for the past couple of days and nicely avoided the boxing day madness. we did stop make a couple of stops yesterday though and the stores were practically empty. this was good. Mark was able to pick up a portable DVD player (with a case and a bunch of other doo-dahs) to use in the cab and we got a new dvd player for the bedroom (ours died - we got a floor model which is WAY better than our old one ever was, for $47.99). we also picked up the Family Guy Season 4 and the Simpsons Season 9 while were out. We've got lots to watch! I received the Freaks and Geeks from my brother for Christmas. I'm looking forward to watching that over the weekend. I didn't realize how much we used the DVD player in the bedroom until it died. We're spoiled, aren't we?

Anyway, Mark went back to work today and I'm just puttering around the house, doing laundry at the moment. I'm still off from work for another week and a bit and have basically no plans, which is nice. As I said, I'm spoiled and it's good!!

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