Saturday, December 30, 2006


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while Mark was under the weather this week, there wasn't a whole lot of stuff I could around the house that wouldn't involve banging and clanging stuff around. admittedly, I'm a bit of a clanger / banger when it comes to cleaning and puttering. in an effort to be quiet while remaining handy in case he hollered for something, I tackled my office desk. it had become piled up with papers, some ours, some Joe's, some which needed filing, some which could be recycled, generally it was a mess.

it took me almost an entire day to get it all sorted out and sifted through. when it was finished though, I could finally install my christmas gift from Mark. He gave me a 300 Gb external drive for backing up and storing all of my media crap. I have a tonne of movies and tv shows on my machine which take up a huge amount of room.

it snowed again today. it's actually been quite chilly around here for the past couple of days and we actually have snow on the ground right now. earlier, while I was chatting on the phone, our neighbour came over and plowed out the driveway. he's so sweet isn't he? it was a light fluffy snow but it was so nice to not have to go out and shovel anything more than the steps and the porch.

Mark continues to feel better day by day. he went to work this morning but it was really dead so he packed it in early. I'm glad he did too, the roads were really crappy this morning because the city did not send the plows out until they were sure that it wasnt' going to melt by noon.

Mark feeling better and me tidying up my office aside, we haven't been doing much. We've watched quite a few movies over the past week or so. Metal: A Headbanger's Journey was much better than I expected and the film maker is Canadian which was cool. I particularly liked how Ronnie James Dio was making digs at Gene Simmons. Having watched the Simmons' family reality show, I had an appreciation for the digs that I may have not had before. The metal world is an odd place but then I knew that from my years at the radio station, talking to metal label reps on the phone!

On Christmas night, The Family Stone was on. Boy that sucked. I thought it would be funny. It was not. It was mean spirited and stupid. Oh, it was also predictable. Dumb!

The other morning, while poor Mark was sick in bed, I crawled in with him and we watched a couple of documentaries: New York Doll and Positively Naked. Both of these are worth seeing if you have a chance. I thought that while they both had sort of sad endings, they also said a lot about hope and the power of the human spirit.

Last night, we watched The Queen. Good stuff. I mean, I love love love Helen Mirren (what's not to love) and she was wonderful as Queen Elizabeth. Michael Sheen, the chap who played Tony Blair was good too I thought.

I have attemped, a couple of times, to watch Christmas with the Kranks and, despite the fact that the Raveonettes are on the soundtrack, I cannot get into this. It's another stupid pile of steaming christmas poo.

I'm sure that we'll watch a few more movies this weekend. I think we're going to try Thank You For Smoking this afternoon and see how that goes. If all else fails, we can always watch the Vicar of Dibley christmas special!!

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