Sunday, December 24, 2006

not unlike a ghost town

Today my holiday baking project continued. I made my shortbread cookies in the morning and then, after lunch, I got my Almond Coconut Cookies made. Mark helped me by doing the chocolate dipping on the Almond cookies.

Late this afternoon, we realized that we needed a couple of things at the grocery store. These weren't things that we wouldn't be able to live without for a couple of days but we thought we'd take a chance and hit the shop while we still could. Surprisingly, there was no traffic. The store was dead, possibly the least busy I've ever seen this particular store. It was nice. We were in and out quickly and painlessly.

We also made cookie deliveries to some friends. I really wanted to get the bulk of them to folks before Christmas Day, while everything was really fresh. It was also a nice excuse to see some friends for quick visits on the doorstep. Next week, after the holiday is over, we can meet up for proper chats.

Right now, as I type this, the Woodland Critter Christmas episode is playing in the background, the neighbourhood is peaceful and Norad is tracking the "big guy" with all their fancy equipment.

Whatever you celebrate this week, or last, or don't, I hope that you all have a happy holiday tomorrow (because, if nothing else, it is a stat holiday in most places). For those that do celebrate, Merry Christmas folks.

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