Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Pi/Pie Day

Happy pie day! Tourtière counts! #piday
So Mark is a few days past 4 weeks post-op.

He's feeling better every day although he continues to be disappointed by his energy level.  Napping is a pretty typical thing for him these days, although this week he tried to stay up all day, just take it easy.

It seems like he's pushing himself a bit more than I think he should be but he assures me that he is okay and not overdoing it.  Next week, on Tuesday, he goes for his follow up appointment with the surgeon.  At the moment, Mark hopes to return to work, at least part time, next week.  We'll see what the doctor has to say about that plan.

Overall though, he's come through the surgery ordeal pretty well.  Still not sure what the chemo stuff will look like but I think he has to heal a bit more before we know more about that.

In other news, it's Pi Day today so we marked the occasion by having some tourtiere for our dinner tonight.  Any pie counts on Pi Day I think!

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