Monday, March 31, 2014

shake it

Gracie shakes off the winter blues!
It was actually sunny and warmish today.

More snow fell here on the weekend and it felt like winter would never depart but today, well today there was hope in the air.  Hope that spring is actually around the corner, even if there is still a significant amount of snow and ice on the ground around here.

Mark went back to work today, and got through the whole day.  He's feeling much better this week than last.  He still needs to be careful when he twists or transitions from a sitting position to a standing position but overall, we can both see a huge improvement over last week. 

When we got home tonight, we actually sat out in the sun porch (which is still wrapped in plastic) with the dogs.  It felt wonderful to see the sunshine and watch stuff starting to drip.  Birds are actually returning to the neighbourhood too! You forget how much fun they are and how much you missed them until they come back.

With any kind of luck, Mark's week will be uneventful.  He has his consultation appointment at the cancer clinic this week.  We've been looking forward to learning more about what that process will be, how long, etc.  He's done so well with the surgery, I have to expect that he'll do well with the chemo too, and we will soon be able to put all of this behind us and focus on regular, boring life.

Stuff like cleaning up the debris from the December ice storm, digging up the gardens we're getting ride of and selling our income property.   Just to name a few... boring will be good after all of this health stuff.

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