Tuesday, March 18, 2014

No work for YOU!!

Mark has officially been doing too much and not resting enough according to his surgeon!

Apparently he's healing nicely but shouldn't be thinking about returning to work this week.  He's been told he can go back next week, cautiously.  The doctor advised him to take it easy and slowly work into a full schedule.  Normally, he likes to see folks off work for 6 week before they go back.

I know that he's been doing too much because he's complained of a light stitch in his side, around the area of his incision. It's not the incision itself, Mark described it like a poke.  The pain doesn't last long but I don't that any pain in that area is great at this point.

So, for now, for the rest of this week anyway, he's being a good patient, following doctor's orders and waiting for next week to arrive.  I think he's going a little stir crazy to be honest!

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