Monday, February 17, 2014

Post-Op Day 6 - Finally Home

After what felt like forever, but in actual fact was just a few days, Mark was sprung from the hospital.  The following update was sent out to our family and friends today.  We're really really really happy that he's home!

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the lack of an update over the weekend.  Mark did get home.  It was a bit like pulling teeth, dealing with all of the red-tape at the hospital, trying to get signatures and whatnot on the weekend, on a long weekend no less, to get him out the door.  Once we got out though, I thought he was going to cry from the fresh air.  It's so darned hot on the floor.  I understand to a certain degree that they need to keep things warm for the patients but everyone was complaining about it, it was a bit too much.

Mark's much more comfortable being home, and of course, is so happy to be back with the dogs.  He missed them terribly, particularly Gracie.  She's been shadowing him ever since he walked through the door.

We can tell already that the recovery from this stay in the hospital is going to be different from the last time.  Physically, he's feeling pretty beaten up.  I blame those horrible beds.  They aren't made for anyone who is taller than 5'10" so he has blisters on his feet from where they rubbed on the headboard. We both need to stop comparing where he is now to where he was on Day 6 from the colon cancer surgery.  Earlier today we were discussing how, on a scale of 1 to 10, the colon cancer surgery was about a 3 and this liver operation is probably a 7.  He's got a massive incision with 24 staples.  The actual incision is looking good but he's got to be very careful whenever he is moving, getting up and down, etc. I don't think he'll be jumping around or going too far unaccompanied for a while yet.

As luck would have it, I woke up yesterday with the beginnings of the mother of all head colds.  I suppose it was unavoidable, given the pace of the past week or two and everything else.  Hoping to be able to sleep tonight.  Did not get much sleep last night.  It's funny how breathing makes sleeping so much easier huh??

So that's it for now.  Not sure when he'll be up for phone calls but I think he's back on his email as of today.  Thanks again, everyone, for your support over the past week.  We still have a long road to go but I think the worst part of it is over.

Much love,

 Peggy & Mark

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