Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Roger Waters - The Wall 2010
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I'm a big dummy.

At lunch today, I started a blog post. I ran out of time so I saved it and thought "I'll send this home to myself and finish it tonight."

Unfortunately, I forgot to send it home and I don't feel like trying to remember what I was saying so, it'll not be posted until tomorrow at the earliest.

It may be boring unless you are at least semi-interested in Roger Waters.

In the meantime, I can say this, I'm not overly thrilled with our municipal elections results. Our new mayor is a little goofy. At least he seems goofy to me. Hopefully he'll be a harmless kind of goofy.

In our district, an amazing person was elected to represent us. I feel like I can trust Sandy Berg to represent our concerns. Our previous representative, Steve Garrison, was a terrific guy and we're going to miss him a lot (he stepped down, I'm sure he could have been re-elected if he had run again). I'm also happy that we have a lot of new folks on council. Hopefully this will be good for us as tax payers, I feel like we were really gouged by the past council. So, congrats to Sandy and the rest of the new council!!

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