Tuesday, October 05, 2010

some stuff I don't get

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workshops about social media - I seem to get a lot of emails at work, promoting workshops and courses which promise to help folks use social media to build their business/brand/whatever. Social media stuff to me, you either get it or you don't and going to a conference or workshop to try to figure it out seems futile. If you really think your organization needs to utilize stuff like "the twitter" and you are totally clueless, maybe it's time to find some resources to hire someone to do this stuff for you. Like most things in life, anything worth doing is worth doing well. A half-assed approached to it is not better than no approach at all.

the secret code of cell phones - I'm due for a hardware upgrade on my phone (not a full upgrade, I'd have to wait until May for that). We tried to go to my cell phone providers "store" on the weekend but they weren't open. In the end, we landed up at Best Buy and were forced to talk to two extremely condecending people who actually tried to make us feel dumb and couldn't help us. They could only see about 1/2 of my account and in the end, could only help me if I was starting a new contract. I just don't understand all of the secrecy around upgrading your phone. I point blank asked exactly how much it would cost for a specific phone and I was given 3 different prices before I was told I should probably go back to my providers store. Not helpful, not even close.

why I haven't posted in so long - I have no idea why I stopped posting here. Maybe I felt like I should just use this as a place to either bitch or talk about my dogs. Given that it's my space, I should be able to bitch and talk about my awesome dogs all I want. I think that's what I'm going to do and anyone who doesn't like that can suck it and stop reading!

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