Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do you think they meant to say hungry man?

I still haven't finished my post about the Roger shows, I likely will get it done sometime but am not sure when.

Procrastination seems to be my middle name these days. I had many great plans and long to do lists to get through this weekend. The plans went by the wayside. I spent the weekend doing my normal weekend things, errands, laundry, minimal housework, much playing with the dogs. Overall, it was a great weekend. As far as my mental to do list, it was a miserable failure.

I'm okay with that though. To do lists can wait, playing with the dogs cannot. The puppy playing is even more of a priority when there is an extra dog in the house. We're looking after the beautiful Bella again this year for our wonderful artist friends who are at a big art show and sale for 2 weeks. Bella is a doll and she gets along well with our guys. The first couple of days are always a little weird. Sam is fine but Gracie is a jealous little thing, does not like having another girl dog around. Gracie really likes being the only "good girl" in the house and who can blame her!?

Part of my puttering this weekend was to include massive reorganization of my office. We bought some furniture (small pieces) at IKEA last weekend during a quick trip to Ottawa. The purchases have me thinking about how to make the most of my office space here at home. When I get my act together, I'll have a permanent spot for my sewing machine. It'll be so much easier (I keep telling myself) to do mending and stuff when it's set up full time.

The only thing I accomplished from my post-IKEA list was to wash the new set of purple sheets I bought and put them on our bed. They look lovely and I'm sure will feel good tonight when we get to sleep on them for the first time. They are a really dark purple. White dog fur will likely stand out really well against them, I have no doubt.

I must say, I have no complaints about getting less done than I'd hoped to because you just can't complain when three dogs are sleeping on the floor around you. With all of that cuteness to experience, complaining is just downright dumb.

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