Tuesday, October 12, 2010

apres long weekend

I'm back at work today after a delicious four day weekend. The weather was amazing and we had a nice, relaxing time. In the middle of it all, we got our yard all sorted out and ready for winter. The lawn is cut, the patio furniture has been put away, the shrubs and bushes have been trimmed back. Mark even pulled out the snow shovels so we'd have them handy, should we need them. Hopefully we won't need them soon but once October hits, you never do know.

I have another long weekend booked this coming weekend too. 5 days actually. We're going to be seeing Roger Waters in Ottawa on Sunday and in Montreal on Tuesday. Mark saw the first two nights of this tour in Toronto last month. I have deliberately not read reviews or watched any video clips of the show as I'd like to be surprised for the first show.

In 2007, when Roger toured "the dark side of the moon" I did the same thing and was glad to not know too much about the show going in. I'm not the biggest Pink Floyd fan in the world (I really prefer the Syd stuff) but Roger does do the spectacle thing probably better than anyone (although I'm not a huge fan of "big" shows either).

Mark saw Pink Floyd do the Wall 3 times in New York in 1980, he travelled to Berlin to see the big version (Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, et al) in 1990 and he'll have seen 4 shows of the 2010 tour. It's a really big deal for him. He worked through the summer and didn't take a vacation so he could pay for all of these tickets. I'm so glad that he's been able to see these shows. Also, I'll probably get to visit IKEA when we're in Montreal so that's always good!!

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