Monday, April 06, 2009

wanna play?

wanna play?
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Once again, the weekend flew by in a flash.

Because of the dogs, we tend to wake up pretty early, even on the weekends. It's kind of nice though because on Saturdays lately, we've been getting up and out of the house nice and early. I really don't care much for shopping and I especially don't like it when it's crowded so shopping, early in the day, before the mobs wake up, is a happy compromise.

We had most of our errands and chores finished up by midday on Saturday. It's amazing what you can accomplish around the house when the weather outside is shitty. Mid-afternoon, it seemed like the rain had let up so we took the dogs to the park. Big mistake. It was freezing cold and super windy. The rain had almost stopped and what precipitation was still left in the air was blowing against our faces like little pellets of ice. It was so rotten that even the dogs didn't want to stay long.

The park we go to is really close to our house and the city is currently trying to figure out how to reconfigure the space. We're not sure what that will mean for us in terms of access for the dogs. Apparently they are supposed to keep an off-leash area but we have no idea how big it will be. Also, I just discovered that the site plan for the area where the more popular park (the one we stopped going to because it's overrun with disease and Sam and I were almost attacked by an out of control dog) is, may not include an off-leash area. This could mean that all of the dogs from that park will be heading toward ours. I'll not be impressed if that happens. It's quite cliquey over there and one of the things we like best about our park is that folks sort of stick to themselves. It's all about the dogs and not about the social scene.

Yesterday, even though the day was sunny and nice, we didn't get too far from home. Mark cut his finger pretty badly (took part of the nail with it) while making breakfast yesterday morning. He didn't need stitches but he was sort of in shock after it happened. More than anything else, I think he felt sort of stupid for doing it. I kept telling him to let it go but he couldn't. Of course, like any injury to an extremity, every time he moved, he banged it on something. It's a little better today. Hopefully it'll heal quickly. It's not a lot of fun having a sore finger like that.

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