Tuesday, April 07, 2009

a blur in the snow

a blur in the snow
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Last fall, when I packed my spring/summer clothes away for the winter, I kept out some tshirts and a couple of pairs of capris. I did this because in the spring, it sometimes gets really warm and I'll have some clothes to wear before I have to haul everything out.

Tonight I was putting away some laundry and noticed two pairs of capris, on hangers in the closet. I thought about how nice it'll be when it's warm enough outside to wear sandals and capris again.

I left the bedroom and walked into the kitchen. Through the window in the door, I could see the dogs wrestling in the snow. That's right, snow. We had an honest to goodness, snow actually stuck to the ground, snowfall today.

This shouldn't surprise me. I live in Canada and it's only early April and this stuff happens but, all the same. On Sunday, I was on the deck in my bare feet and today, well... a picture is worth a million words.

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