Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I can so drive the van

I can so drive the van
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Have I mentioned lately how much I love sleeping with the windows open? No!? Well.

I love sleeping with the windows open.

For some reason, over the weekend, when I saw the weather forecast was for sunny days, I wrongly thought sunshine = warm. I forgot how cold it can be in April. On Saturday, when we were doing errands, it was cold as, well, really cold weather. Well, not really cold, more like, it was sunny but the wind off of the lake was cold. When we got up on Saturday morning, convinced that it would warm up, I turned the furnace off. Saturday night, I decided that we should leave the windows open.

On Sunday morning, we awoke to a really cold house. I jumped out of bed, frozen almost solid (made jumping difficult) and closed the windows. While Mark hid under the covers, I went to the living room to turn the furnace back on. It was 14 degrees in the living room. That's cold! Eventually, the furnace kicked in and the house slowly warmed up. It took me almost all day Sunday to thaw out after that. I swear my nose was colder than Gracie's all day.

The last couple of days though, have been gorgeous. The breeze is still cool but the sun is lovely and we've been sleeping with the windows open again. Man but I sleep so much better with the windows open. Fresh air is really truly awesome after a long winter of being cooped up with too hot central heating.

Yesterday was Mark's birthday. We didn't do anything too fantastically special because we'd sort of spent the weekend celebrating his birthday. The Tuesday actual birthday day was a little bit anticlimactic but that happens when your birthday happens mid-week sometimes.

Tonight we're seeing my parents for a birthday dinner and that should be nice. We only saw them very briefly on Saturday so it'll be good to have a visit and get caught up with them. Other than that though, there's not much to report around here. Work's busy but it's a good kind of busy which I really like.

It's not often than I can say that I have no complaints (because I can whine for Canada if I have to) but today, I have to say that live is really good, deceivingly sunny days and all.

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