Thursday, February 15, 2007

curvy snow

curvy snow
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we're having a groovy kind of winter, if the snow on our neighbour's roof is any indication.

Valentine's Day brought with it a huge ass snowstorm.

In this part of the world, we didn't get much of a dump of the white stuff as others did. I must say, we're always a little amused when Toronto gets a load. It's beyond amusing to wonder if they'll call in the Army again!

Mostly it's just been really cold here recently. I'm getting tired of it. Not so much the cold as the boots. I hate wearing boots because it feels like I spend most of my day getting in and out of them. Tying and untying shoes and boots...sometimes my sock goes with the boot and I feel like I'm back in Mrs Roach's kindergarten class again, hopping around on one socked foot, trying to avoid putting the naked foot on the melted-snow-puddle covered floor. My sock feels soggy in my shoe right now, just remembering that.

I'm also sick of dry skin. No matter how much I loofah or how much shea butter I use, I feel like a snake who is just about to shed his skin.

Dry skin and soggy socks. Those two things, coupled with the act of unlocking a deadbolt while wearing mittens are really what winter's all about for me this year. I'm looking forward to giving up all three. Anytime now!

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