Monday, February 12, 2007

why can't I look away??

every once in a while, after work, Mark or I will be flicking around on the television and we'll pause for a few minutes on the Y&R. we've both watched it off and on over the past 20-some-odd years and it only really takes a few moments, a couple of times a year, to catch up. it's far-fetched and a good giggle and the acting is hilarious (if you can call it acting)...

...over the weekend, I kept flicking into the ongoing saga of the death of Anna Nicole Smith. plots keep developing in that soap opera much faster than I ever thought they could. on Friday afternoon at work, we all had a little giggle about the Prince Frederick as baby daddy twist. Today, when I learned about the frozen sperm angle, I laughed out loud. It all seems like some over-blown soap opera. Cartoon-ish really. because of the surreal-ness of it all, I just can't stop following the story...the interviews with casino staff, looking at photos of her fridge contents. It's all so bizarre and soapy. I know that on some level it's wrong to be entertained by all of this.

I know that a woman has died here and that's sad, although not entirely unexpected. I have a feeling that Anna would have liked how much attention this story was getting if she actually knew what was going on so maybe that's why I'm okay with my morbid fascination in this big mess!

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Gaygay said...

I'm pretty amazed that I have not been glued to this story. Normally, I would be. There is so much to wonder about.