Friday, September 02, 2005


The more coverage of Katrina that I hear / read / watch, the more sick and angry I get. This morning, the guy's on Morning Sedition played a lengthy interview that Mayor Ray Nagin gave to a local New Orleans radio station. The poor man was so pissed off and frustrated that he, and the chap conducting the interview, both broke down in tears at the end of it. What kind of a paper bag does Bush have over his head. It's sickening that he's allowed things to escalate into the disaster it's become. Mayor Nagin should have the tools he needs to do his job. Sadly, it's a situation that, not only did they not give the man his tools, they cut off his hands to add insult to injury.

Where were the National Guard last Saturday and Sunday helping with the evacuation? Why didn't they have trucks and buses available to transport the folks who don't have vehicles? Why aren't they air dropping food, water, medical supplies, etc. into New Orleans? They can do it other places in the world, why not in their own back yard? We all know that the Bush administration doesn't give a flying fuck about the poor and that is so sadly obvious now. How many more people have to kill themselves, or be murdered, or be raped or die from a lack of medical attention in New Orleans. These deaths and acts of violence were completely preventable, had the Bush government acted last week.

It would not surprise me one bit, if this were the final straw that toppled the Bush government. People of all political stripes in the states are furious about this, after all, these are human beings we are talking about. Being poor or elderly or ill does not mean that your life is worth less that someone who was able to get out of town last weekend.

I know that being angry and frustrated isn't healthy or productive. Right now, I guess all we can do is help out in any way we can, to try to make a horrible situation better.

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