Wednesday, January 27, 2010

overdue update

Today I felt like I really should post an update. It's been a while since I did. I guess I haven't felt much like writing lately. I've been spending my writing time reading blogs from folks who are down in Haiti. The situation down there just doesn't seem to be improving at a pace that I figured it would. I know that there are always hiccups and weirdness which mess up the best laid plans of governments, aid groups and everyone else who wants to help. I almost cried yesterday when I read about the Brazilian soldiers who pepper sprayed the group of Haitians who were waiting in a food line. For the life of me I cannot even begin to fathom how you would cope in a situation like that, on either side of the line.

Over the weekend I had a weird bug. A couple of the gals I work with had a version of the Norwalk virus last week and I thought that maybe I was coming down with that but fortunately I never had the vomiting thing going on so I don't think that was what it was. I went home from work a little early on Friday and slept. All afternoon. Sweet sweet sleep with the puppies. They curled up on the bed with me while I drooled on my pillow. Saturday I still felt wonky but I managed to go out to the grocery store with Mark for half an hour and do some shopping. Mostly I felt foggy and nauseous. I still feel a little foggy/groggy this week. This morning I could not get my head to unfog so I resorted to drinking coffee at work (something I almost never do), it helped a bit but not totally.

I feel fortunate to report that there is really no drama happening in our lives. When I read the news from Haiti, hear about planes crashing or learn about friends losing jobs or being struck ill, I realize how truly lucky we are. We have a nice roof over our heads and groceries in the fridge. Also, we're both gainfully employed and relatively healthy. Can't really complain about anything, can I? Drama is more exciting and interesting to read and write about than a boring, ordinary life but it's also way stressful so I'm happy to be boring for a while.

Oh, if you're in the Kingston area this week, the Reel Out Film & Video festival happens this weekend and Ferron will be there!!

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