Tuesday, January 12, 2010


snow covered led lights
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We're still living in a winter wonderland in these parts, over a week after the snow first fell. Now that the snow has finally stopped and the sun is shining, I don't mind it as much. It's bright and pretty and the roads are generally good so, yay winter.

Of course, the wind is an issue at times. Over the weekend, we took the dogs to the dog park and I don't know if we were there for 10 minutes before we ran for the van. The park is in an open field near our house and the day was really frigid. My glasses completed iced over within a few minutes of being there. When you can no longer see the poop in the snow (to pick up), it's time to go!

The week so far has been busy. Last week we sort of eased back into things and I'm glad I was here (many colleagues took it off) to have that ease-in period. The students returned to campus yesterday so things are moving a bit more when I have a chance to look out the window. Winter terms always feels shorter than fall term although I don't think it is. Maybe time just passes quickly as we look forward to spring. It'll be here in 67 days if you're counting!

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