Tuesday, November 04, 2008

sticking it out

sticking it out
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Happy US Election Day folks.

We're just hanging out in front of the television machine, watching MSNBC, waiting to hear the results of the election.

I'm sure that we're not the only folks in our little Ontario town who are doing the same. Living in a border town, like we do, we take a keen interest in US politics because they do have an impact on stuff we do everyday. We're hoping that Sen. Obama wins tonight. No matter how things look, I'm one of those folks who believe that it "ain't over 'til it's over." Hopefully, the result will be one that won't make us scream in pain.

Speaking of pain, I took the last dose of my second course of anti-biotics last night. I still don't feel 100%, I'm pretty easily winded and am coughing a fair bit. Definitely, I'm feeling better than I did a couple of weeks ago but I'm still not all the way up to snuff. Oh well, each day is a little better than the day before. I guess I can't, or shouldn't, ask for more than that. Thank you science and medicine!

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