Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Give me a break!

This morning, I had a couple of meetings to attend. Between meetings, I was chatting with a colleague about her neighbours. Apparently, they had blocked her driveway this morning for a few minutes while they were loading up their car, trailer and new RV. My colleague spoke with a twinge of envy in her voice about how the neighbours were heading to Florida. Apparently, they’ll be there until April, I presume that they must be retired folks. Nice huh? An entire winter without shoveling, imagine that! Now, neither she nor I are in a position to be heading down south for months at a time but we did start talking about Kissimmee vacation homes and Siesta Key beach vacation rentals. My colleague is particularly interested in the Kissimmee area because she has grandchildren who are nuts about Disney! My dream vacation would have fewer children involved and more privacy, perhaps a beach and a lot of peace and quiet. To each their own, right? Of course, the person who was sitting on my other side is crazy for skiing and was thinking about checking out the site for information on renting a couple of Breckenridge condos with a group of friends during the winter reading week. No matter which destination you chose, makes finding a property simple.