Tuesday, January 02, 2007

packed up

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packing up christmas takes a long time.

at least it takes a long time if you do it very carefully and neatly, which is what I tried to do.

yesterday was sort of funny, in a weather kind of way anyway...to me at least. on Sunday morning, we went out to do a couple of errands before all of the New Years Eve crazy people were out and about and I wore my boots, snowboots, because there was still some ice and snow on the ground from Saturday's storm. Yesterday, in the afternoon, I went outside to take down the lights from our porch and from the tree on the lawn. I actually wore flip-flops on the grass while I did this! It was that warm and dry and spring like. I didn't even have a coat on, just a fleece hoodie.

too strange. I don't really mind but it's very strange for this time of the year. I'm glad I took advantage of the mild temperatures to dismantle the outside lights. Once it freezes, it's almost impossible to get them down. Of course, I don't know that freezing is going to be a problem for us this year!!

Today, all I had left to take down and put away was the tree. All of the other ornaments were packed up yesterday. The tree is kind of piddly to do but I put on the first disk of the Freaks & Geeks DVD set and watched 3 episodes while I packed. Oh my goodness, I forgot how funny it was. Particularly, I forgot how wonderful Joe Flaherty's character was, very very dad-like and authentic I thought.

Well, now that Christmas is packed up and put away, and the living room is cleaned up (and the furniture all re-arranged), I think I shall go enjoy the sunshine that is shining in through the living room window. My goodness but it's been a gorgeous day!!

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