Friday, January 05, 2007

fuzzy lights

fuzzy lights
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it's the last official day of my christmas vacation.

I have the weekend off too but this is the last week-day that I'm off, how did that go by so quickly?

I did a bunch of stuff today though, made the most of my last day off. I got all of my errands done early (like really early), puttered around the house, cleaning up and doing some laundry...

Mark and I even went out to mum & dad's to fix something on her computer. Not an overly exciting day but it was a good day for getting things done.

one little weird thing that we did see today, well, weird for January anyway, when we were walking up the front walk at my mum's, there were all of these tiny little bugs (a bit bigger than midges) flying around her flower bed. how is that even possible, in Ontario, in JANUARY?

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Anonymous said...

1) What are midges for us US citizens?

2) I love that picture!