Tuesday, November 07, 2006

vote early and often

vote early and often
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we voted tonight at an advance poll for next week's municipal elections. we used the electronic voting machines and didn't have any problems with them. I'm not sure why things got so mucked up over the weekend with them but everything ran smoothly for us.

given that one of the key issues in the mayoral race is about the LVEC, it felt kind of nice to be voting in the Memorial Centre. felt a little bit like we were all flipping the bird at the folks who shoved the LVEC through.

speaking of birds, there was a mallard on our front lawn when we got home. he was just wandering across the grass. Mark got some bread and the poor guy just sat under our tree watching us while Mark tore up a slice. eventually, he quacked a little and then wandered over to the neighbours. I hope he's not injured, he seemed really tame and a little stunned. he didn't eat any of the bread but it was dark rye and Mark thought that if he wasn't a Jewish duck, he might not like it. I wondered if he maybe wasn't full from being fed up the street already. either way, I hope he's okay. when I looked out about 30 minutes later, he hadn't come back.

be safe little duck dude.

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