Friday, November 24, 2006

candy canes

today was a gorgeous day around these parts.

it was sunny, warm, gorgeous.

it was so nice, in fact, that I was able to put up our outdoor "holiday lights" without wearing a coat. weird but nice.

so now, our porch is illuminated again. we have strings of multi-coloured lights on the railing and big red glowing candy canes attached to the spindles. it looks really pretty.

I still need to get my living room window done but that's easy enough, it's all "inside work."

our neighbourhood is starting to light up and it's really pretty!!


Sueellen said...

The weather was like that here too, wasn't it great! It's supposed to be the same here for Wednesday and Thursday then cold again!

Anonymous said...

No picture??? I'm confused!?! There's always a picture! :) I'm sure the lights look wonderful!

Bev - Living In Hormoney said...

Not a light up yet on our block! It's too damn cold. You'd freeze your knuckles off!