Wednesday, October 26, 2005

hump day

Ordinarily, we celebrate the middle of the week by going out for dinner with Joe. It's the one of the night of the week that, for sure, Joe goes out and we usually enjoy it. Unfortunately, I think because of the weather (it's been raining and/or miserable here for days now), he didn't feel up to it tonight. He has arthritis and it really gets to him when the weather is like this.

He hopes to feel better tomorrow so we'll try for a Thursday dinner instead. Our original plan was to eat out tonight and do groceries tomorrow. We decided to reverse them and now I'm totally pooped. We didn't even do that much, we basically had two stops (one of them was a lotto ticket stop, it's up to $40 million!!) and came home. Something about schlepping around in the dark and damp just makes it feel like way more work than it should though.

If I'm feeling this pooped, I can only imagine how crappy Joe feels tonight. On a happier note, my dad got some very good news medical test results that he'd been waiting for so, yay, hooray!!

Oh, btw, this year, we'll be shelling out humpty dumpty potato chips on October 31, if you're in the neighbourhood. Be warned though, I want to see a real costume, one that requires some effort before I'll hand over the goods.

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