Friday, September 05, 2014

not good

At least I can have coffee while I am in the queue #tiff #waiting
So, we stopped off at St. Elizabeth on our way home from work, like we do every Friday.  Mark needs to have his PICC line cleaned every week.  Normally it's a pretty quick process, we pop in and we're gone in 20 minutes or less.

Today, for the first time in 23 weeks, there was a problem.  The line is blocked.  They tried to unblock it and couldn't.  When he goes for his pre-chemo blood work on Tuesday, the folks at the cancer clinic may be able to do some voodoo on it and get it working again. Could make chemo next week difficult.  Not sure what they will do if it can't get going again but we're trying to not worry about it.

Tomorrow, we head to Toronto for the day and we're going to do our best to not think about PICC lines and chemo and cancer.  We have tickets for the world premiere of "Roger Waters The Wall" at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The men themselves, Roger Waters and Sean Evans are scheduled to appear and participate in a Q&A after the screening.  We're both pretty stoked to have tickets and I think it's just the thing we need to keep our minds off of medical nonsense for a few hours.  

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