Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday Update - movin' on up!

A room with a view!
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Day two went really well. Everything seems to be going better than anticipated. I don't know if we had low expectations going in so any progress seems amazing but we're super happy about stuff so far.

Again, here is the update I have sent out to our friends and family tonight:

Good evening everyone,

Just wanted to send you all another quick update on Mark. He's doing so great today.

When I got down to the hospital today, his nurse in the step down unit told us that he would be moving up (yeah, we're moving on up...) to a regular room. One of the surgeon's residents was in to see Mark in the morning and he was doing better than they expected. His labs were all great and when I arrived, he was sitting up in a chair. He'd been able to get some water to drink too which was a massive help.

The stepdown unit had been a bit of a three-ring circus last night apparently so he didn't get any sleep at all. There was one guy in there who seemed pretty out of it and he hollered out loud the entire time I was there. Apparently, this went on all of last night too. When my mum and I were there last night, he was throwing up and this morning, when I was there, he was eating a chocolate bar someone had given him and he was throwing that up too!! Mark heard him on the phone trying to get someone to bring McDonald's into him. Dude, you're in step down. You've obviously got some serious crap going on with you, shut up and put the junk food away!! You'll barf less and possibly get out of there quicker.

Late this afternoon, Mark was moved into his new room. It's really nice. He's close to the nurses station and it's a semi-private room. His roomie is an elderly gentleman who is very quiet. At least he was quiet this afternoon. I don't think though that he is used to having a roommate because took a pants-less stroll around the room while I was there. We just pretended not to notice and looked away, talking loudly about something silly. It was pretty difficult not to laugh out loud.

Speaking of that, I think Mark owes Moe Berg about $1.75 by now. Everytime he laughs, he has to press his incision area with a pillow and he says, "it's hard to laugh." We figure at 25 cents per "hard to laugh" we may have to send Moe upwards of $5 by the time Mark comes home.

Tomorrow, we plan to spend the day walking the floor. There were a couple of ladies up doing laps before I left and he's itching to get up and walking to kick their butts at the winter olympics version of who can do the most laps on the 6th floor!

Thanks again for all the wonderful messages and calls, you all ROCK!!!

Much much love,

Peggy and Mark

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