Thursday, February 18, 2010

keeping fingers crossed

went to bed last night feeling hopeful that I'd be back to work today. 2 hours into my sleep, I awoke after having had weird dreams (lots and lots of them) and a seriously lurching stomach. I thought I'd try to ignore it but realized that I couldn't. I jumped out of bed, woke up Sam (who was sleeping very sweetly at the foot of our bed, blocking my path to the bathroom), ran into the bathroom and puked. and then I puked some more, and some more, and more after that.

so much for feeling better huh?? the puking was new addition to the bug and I'm thinking it was because I actually tried to eat solid food yesterday. today I was back on the soda crackers and fluids. tonight I had delicious home made chicken soup with more crackers for my dinner. the only real food I had all day. obviously didn't make it into the office again today. won't be going in again tomorrow. I've been almost 10 hours without being sick and they say you shouldn't go out amongst the living until you've been 48 hours without being sick. that puts me to Saturday and that will have been a week since I started feeling ill.

happily, at the moment, I just feel very weak and tired. also, I feel terrible about the amount of time I've missed from work this week. this afternoon I did speak with a colleague though and she was very happy to hear that I not going into the office tomorrow, none of them want this anymore than I did.

so tonight, in a moment actually, I'll head off to bed with cautious optimism that I won't have to make a midnight dash to the loo this evening. wouldn't that be loverly?

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