Wednesday, August 19, 2009

sorting it out

marco and lovely lucia
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Just to let you know that I don't only talk about weather when it's not being my friend, today is gorgeous. Sunny, breezy, hot but you can actually breathe so, yay!

Also, Mark went back to work today. I'm not entirely convinced that his stomach bug wasn't related to the heat and the migraines from last week but whatever the case, he seems to be much better and actually ate a proper dinner last night.

Given that the past couple of days have been so yucky, I hid inside, in the air conditioning and started to sort through the photos from our wedding. I've posted some of them on flickr already but will be adding to them. We didn't hire a professional photographer. Instead we asked my awesome brother and a fabulous friend to take photos for us. Not only did they take pictures, we've had submissions of photos from other family members and friends so I have quite a few to sift through. It's interesting to see different angles of the same shot. We're super happy and grateful to have had so many talented photographers at our wedding!! Anyway, without further ado, click here to enjoy!

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