Monday, August 24, 2009

battle of the photographers

battle of the photographers
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My weekend was so nice that I really wish it didn't have to end.

We didn't do anything too terribly exciting but we did get a lot of stuff done and even had some time to do very little, which was awesome.

For about 5 minutes we discussed going "somewhere" to do "something" because we felt like we should but in the end, we hung out with the dogs, spent some time on the deck and chilled out. I also feel good about reducing our carbon footprint by staying home instead of being out tooling around in the van for no really good reason. Yay us!

We did watch a movie on the weekend which I feel I should heartily endorse: In the Loop. A friend in the UK had recommended it and I found a copy of it so, we finally got to see it. I'm so glad that we opted to stay home and see it instead of brave the lineups for District 9 or the new Tarantino film. We laughed our butts off. The dialogue is both quick and witty and the story moves along really nicely. If you're a fan of the absurdity of politics and how the media machine really runs the agenda, you'll enjoy this. I want to see it again sometime soon because I know that there were things we missed when we were laughing - I can't say anything better than that about it!! Oh, except, yay, James Gandolfini is in it and I am a huge fan of his so that was like icing on the cake of an excellent movie cake type thing.

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