Wednesday, August 05, 2009

checking in

We've been on vacation this week and have been very very busy getting ready for the party we're having tomorrow.

Tomorrow, August 6, is the 10th anniversary of the day Mark and I met. As I mentioned before, to celebrate, we're having a biggish (for us) house party. The little tents we bought are now up in the back yard. The sparkly twinkle lights are all hooked up. The table and chairs we rented have arrived (finally - 2.5 hours later than they were supposed to be delivered).

Most of the food and drink has been purchased (catering trays, ice and beer coming tomorrow) and the house is almost clean. It's clean enough. Not like I'd thought it would be but as long as folks keep their white gloves to themselves and don't look in the corners, it'll not be too bad.

Today, for the first time ever, I had a pedicure. I had a manicure as well but the pedicure, oh my goodness. I had heard that they were divine but I had no idea, really. I went with my friend and my mum and we had a ball. It was awesome and my nails are all a beautiful, fuchsia shade which has some shimmery opal stuff in it. Lovely.

So, I may again disappear for a few days but I felt I should check in and let folks know that I'm alive and tired and overall, pretty happy. Yay for anniversaries and parties and good people and pink nails!!

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