Friday, February 20, 2009

mr smartypants

Just the other day, Mark and I were talking about Dig Circus. I was telling him about a frosh week concert that they had done here on campus, in the early 90's. The bill was Thrush Hermit (on their first tour), Dig Circus and headliners Sloan.

In the middle of Dig Circus' set, Larry, the singer, shaved his head onstage. I was helping friends with the show and I remember the guys getting bitched out by Sloan about the hair on the stage. Dig Circus was one of my favourite early 90's bands and my friend Jane and I went to see them every time they were in town and we usually had them come by the radio station so we got to know the guys a little bit.

Early this morning I learned via Facebook that a former band member, Jamie Julien had suffered two strokes and was in hospital in Melbourne, Australia. At noon today, I found out that this morning, Jamie passed away. I feel really shocked and numbed by this. He was a young guy (I think a couple of years younger than me) but he touched many lives during his short time on this planet. Apres rock stardom, he had become a fundraiser and eventually founded Public Outreach.

I hadn't seen Jamie in years but I'd never forgotten him. I still have a tape at home somewhere of one of Jane's radio shows that Jamie co-hosted with her. She hosted an 80's show called "Careless Memories" and I remember that the pair of them were yucking it up together for the whole show. He was a funny,friendly, sweet, incredibly positive person and he'll be missed by many many people. So sad, too soon.

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