Thursday, March 22, 2007

name that smell

view from the top
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it's warming up kids. it rained today. as I went back and forth across campus today, I tried to avoid stepping in puddles. I was trying to avoid them because I had dressy shoes on and was going to an event and it wouldn't have been good to show up all damp from the puddles.

part of me really wanted to jump in with both feet and splash the water and not care a bit about it. alas, the other part of me was working at this event and couldn't give in.

I noticed too, on my trips back and forth, that it smells like spring. it's that smell that you tell yourself is the mud thawing out from under the snow but the logical part of your brains knows that it's actually dog shit thawing out. either way, mud or poop, it's what spring smells like!

oh, in other news, I was approached by a South American lady who is writing a book about people's relationships with New York City. She wants to use this photo in her book (as well as another one I took) and I told her yes! I think it'll be kind of neat to have some of my photos published in an actual book. She's agreed to send me a copy after it's published. neat huh? I particularly like that she chose this photo because it has our car in it. Mark was the one who saw our car and had me take the picture. It's not everyday that you can see your car from the top of the Empire State building!!

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Congrats on the pictures! That's fantastic!